Yellow Hammam Towel

Nothing says summer more than this bright yellow striped hammam towel with soft silk tassles ... guaranteed to bring some sunshine to your day.


  • Size 80cm x 150cm


These stunning hammam towels are designed by Souk & Co. and hand woven in Fes using cotton and agave silk. Agave silk is a 100% vegetable silk sustainably harvested from the Saharan aloe vera cactus. Also known as cactus or sabra silk, agave silk has been used in Morocco for centuries for its strength, beauty and quality.

Hammam towels are hand loomed and may have subtle imperfections, the edges are hemmed and the tassles knotted to prevent fraying. They can be machine washed and when hung out will dry quickly. The agave silk is a luxurious thread used in the crafting of these towels which makes them soft yet durable, perfect to tuck into your basket and take to the beach to use as a towel or cover up.