'Green Mint Tea' Serving Jug

Sizing: 16cm high x 12cm diameter


This jug is a beautifully versatile piece. Use it as a milk or water jug, a vase, or just a decorative piece to add a different shape to your table wear collection. 


All pieces from our GREEN MINT TEA ceramic collection are completely unique. The striking green colour is a result of combining glaze with clay from one particular river bed in Morocco, any other clay would not create such brilliant colour. These are hand made pieces with variations in colour, shape and texture which can be influenced by the spot in the oven, the composition of the glaze, and the technique of the individual potter. Each pieces' small imperfections add to their rustic, hand made aesthetic and value.

The use of ancient techniques has been tried and testing to create beautiful, show stopping pieces that are also durable and practical, designed for every day use in the harshest of climates.